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Want a good camcorder for recording sports, YouTube videos, family events, or just a good and cheap option? Here's a look at my favorites in This camera was recently released and is a great camcorder for making videos. As it's a less expensive camcorder, it does have a few flaws.

Most specifically, it shoots a somewhat grainy picture when there's not enough light. For me the pros outway the cons including a 32x optical zoom with frame assist, long battery life of up to 2 hours, an degree touch panel that swivels, and not to mention it's super lightweight and easy to hold. It has a swivel LED screen so you can see yourself, takes great video in p when it has good light, has an external mic input, and shoots in full HD.

I'd suggest using something like the lighting kit below if you're planning to record indoors. This is a great example of how the footage gets grainy while in the tunnels and is very clear while outside. The stabilizer is insanely good and the audio on it is amazing.

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I know several bloggers who even get away with the onboard audio. It's ideal for vlogging or just taking with you anywhere you want to go.

The best camcorders in which is the right one for you? | Digital Camera World

That being said this camera is admittedly pricey for those just starting out. Don't get me wrong it's an amazing deal for the money you spend, but still pricey for many. Below, I'll list a few less expensive options as well. For the value, this camera is quite good. It also has a rugged design that repels rain, snow, sand, and dirt so it should last you a long time. For strength the edges are rubberized which gives it a high protection rating and allows it to take a fall of up to 5 feet without a problem.

Despite its ruggedness the Zx5 is lightweight, at under a pound, and is hardly noticeable in your pocket. With the Kodak Playsport Zx5 you have easy access to upload your videos on sites such as YouTube by using the built in software and the USB cable that is included with your purchase. Editing has never been easier with this camera, as you can upload all your shots instantly into your computer. Also, you feel green while using it; it comes with two pre-charged AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and a charger for them as well. In addition, family or selfie shots have never been easier with its very handy remote control and tripod for steadiness.

With Kodak's Share button, you simply need to press it, choose where you are going to share it and then connect your camera to your PC or insert your card and your pictures are uploaded right where you designated them to be. The image stabilization technology in this camera is excellent and makes the Zx5 a great camera on snorkeling trips. It can be used underwater for up to 2 hours. One of the things I love about it the most is the rechargeable battery system. While the power does get used up somewhat quickly - it's still good to know I don't have to continually purchase batteries.


It's especially great if you love the outdoors and tend to be a little rough on your equipment. If you're looking for a bundle camcorder package, then look no further than the Samsung HMX-F90 package. It comes with the camcorder, and 11 items in total including a 32 GB memory card reader, a screen guard, tripod, and much more. The camcorder itself records in p and has up to a 52x optical zoom. It's one of the better options in terms of value and what you get and is easy to hook into your TV with an HDMI output.

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Overall you save a lot when you go with a bundle package like this and get a lot of really useful items to use with your camera. While it doesn't shoot in p the p is much easier to store and is still very clear. The 3 inch screen gives you a nice place to view your videos and has touch screen technology. Something that this camera does that not all will do, is take still pictures while taking video at the same time.

Your videos are recorded in full HD p video and the camera has a 4x digital zoom. Your still pictures are captured at Image stabilization has also been focused on with this camera and many users find that it works very well at eliminating the shake and blur you can often get. Buyers should be aware that HDMI cables need to be purchased separately. Sharing videos is as easy as ever with this camera so you can upload anytime. Users have reported that low light shooting still leave you with grainy pictures and that it has no flash whatsoever.

One of the most attractive features of the Besteker Portable IR is its MP sensor, which lets you shoot high-resolution stills in addition to great videos. It also comes with a dedicated shotgun mic to improve your audio quality. The Panasonic HC-VK boasts an image stabilization system that does a good job of keeping your picture steady, even as you access the unit's impressive 90x digital zoom. Its 2. In the end, these budget camcorders will provide you with better resolution in your video, as well as better performance in low light.

The manufacturer has to pack all those pixels onto a sensor about the size of a lentil, if not smaller. Every year it seems that the cameras on our cell phones get better and better. Manufacturers find ways to pack more megapixels onto their sensors, combine lenses for depth effects, and provide users with stronger software capable of recognizing faces and adjusting for very nuanced lighting conditions.

Today's best camcorder deals

In many ways, this is good news for artists, political activists, and soccer moms the world over. You would be justified in using your phone for a variety of the services a budget camcorder would provide.

Video Camera

There are, however, certain advantages to opting for a camcorder over your cell phone. Even the least expensive camcorders out there have sensors roughly twice the size of those in your phone. This benefits you in one of two ways. Having larger pixels is like having larger buckets. Since each bucket can contain more of the light that comes raining down into it, they can create stronger charges. Ergonomically, camcorders also win the day. Holding your phone up for hours on end at a play or sporting event may seem like the price you have to pay to be a good parent.

A camcorder can alleviate this strain, though. You can comfortably strap the device to your hand and hold it with your elbow securely against your torso. Before you do anything else, you should reconcile with what it means to go budget. The camcorders on our list earn the budget modifier because they eschew some of the fancier bells and whistles that their more expensive counterparts offer.


Others may not have a touch screen. In order to understand which features you should most deeply consider, it would help for you to know how you want to use your camcorder. When doing so, make sure you understand the difference between optical and digital zoom. As someone wise once said: Lights, camera, action! Max recording resolution: It features a large 3. Not only can it shoot 3,x2, up to 60fps, but you can also record cinema-ratio 4,x2, 4K at 24fps. The HC-XE employs an A 20x optical zoom and 5-axis optical image stabilisation offer plenty of compositional opportunities. Image quality is excellent, in both HD and 4K.

Detail is high and colour rendering excellent. Features include a 12x zoom, big 3. It will also shoot in p at fps.

6 Best Budget Camcorders 2018

The FDR-AX is a solid choice for both upmarket videographers and even those that aspire to filmmaking. Trick replay includes Super Slow Motion. It boasts a 20x optical zoom, 8-blade aperture for focus blurring, and wide In addition to the 3.