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Extreme Couponing Free Ebook. Customer service sucks. I would not buy from bargaincouponclippers. Is there a clipping site that offers internet printables and peelies and booklets found in dr. I get all my clipped now from http: Any help would be appreciated. Merry Christmas! Jackscardsandcoupons are the absolute worst!

  • 1. You can purchase individual coupons from coupon clipping services for $0.05-$0.40 per coupon.?
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That order never arrived. I chalked it up to lost in the mail which is probably was. I ordered from them again…coupons never received. They sent the confirmation for those last two orders saying that it shipped.

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They continue to take your order and your money without blocking your order. Who does that??? I agree they have said an order was shipped and yet I am fairly certain they never mailed it. I was a long time customer and let them know that an order I had been told was shipped on a Monday was postmarked the following Thursday 4 days later and so did not arrive when they should have.

It was after this that I think they took the payment for cpns but did not put them in the mail. Couponthingsbydede 2. The coupon clippers 3. I have a few people that are needing the coupons from califronia or near that area. For some reason SC does not get great coupons like in that area. I have looked at every website just about for the past 5 hours and didnt know if someone on here could help.

Thank you. Very bad service from Jacks card and stuff. My order did not come. Never got the order but when I contacted them they deactivated me because I did not get the insurance for the coupons. They in my opinion are coupon clipping bullies.

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DONT Use THEM if something ends up beign wrong then they screw you even tried to ask if they could do something so i would keep using the site nope nothing dont give a crap. Wow I just ordered from Jacks…yesterday and they said it shipped so hopefully I will receive my order. But I ordered from a service called klip2save and they were super efficient.

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I ordered on the 18th of April and received it on the 21st so I placed a 2nd order and received them today. I very happy just be wary of where you buy because these sites have little to no reviews whatsoever. But so far so good for klips2ave. I have also ordered from klip2save several times and although they are very efficient the sent me the wrong coupons. Money Crashers.

2. Don’t ever expect a refund from coupon clipping services.

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Photo Credit: Hey Thanks for the thumbs up on the Security of my site! Just needed to point out a small little error in your description of our service: Our minimum per coupon is 1. Good try on your spam though!

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Actually coupon Hunters is going out of business BUT she recommended me to another Florida based coupon clipping service…ourcouponclippingservice. Tammy westcoastcouponclipping. Great customer service and fast shipping!! I would like to learn about couponing and where would I get the best deals and the best coupons. Thank you and have a Happy New Year!